Numbers – Boat Registrations

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Boat Registration Codes:  Blyth (BH), Dumfries (DS), Exeter (E), Falmouth (FH), Faversham (F), Fleetwood (FD), Folkstone (FE), Fowey (FY), Maryport (MT), Newhaven (NN), North Shields (SN), Littlehampton (LI), Padstow (PW), Penzance (PZ), Plymouth (PH), Poole (PE), Portsmouth (P),  Rye (RX), St. Ives (SS), Stockton (ST), Teignmouth (TH), Wexford (WD) & Venice – all of the above photographs taken in Pagham, Littlehampton, Portsmouth (Camber Docks), Padstow or St Ives harbour (and Venice)

N.B. There are two ‘repeats’ here, obviously taken at different times, but distinguished by the changed colour schemes

French Boat Registration Numbers


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