Brief Encounters in Munich, Venice & Paris

Kurze Begegnungen in München – Brevi incontri a Venezia – Brèves rencontres à Paris

Brief Encounters in Munich, Venice, Burano and Paris: This set of brief encounters portraits comes from a visit to Venice in 2014, travelling by train from London to Venice via Paris and Munich. On this occasion I met with a little reluctance from some people, and some simply refused to pose for my camera, albeit politely. Although I had practised my request in French, German and Italian before the trip I sometimes had to resort to English and vague gestures to make myself understood. There were also times when it was difficult to make eye contact with my subjects even when they had (implicitly or explicitly) agreed to be photographed.

‘Merci’, ‘danke’ and ‘grazie’ to all those who were willing to participate in my project.

2-Venice-0174-esq-© 3-Venice-0394-esq-© 3-Venice-0664-esq-© 3-Venice-0667-esq-© 3-Venice-0783-esq-© 3-Venice-0849-esq-© 3-Venice-0948-esq-© 4-Venice-0951-esq-© 4-Venice-1074-esq-©

6-Venice-2469 Encounter5-Venice-1652-esq-©7-Venice-3706 Encounter Burano 7-Venice-3705 Encounter Burano 7-Venice-3581 Encounter Burano 7-Venice-4252 8-Venice-4369

Venice - October 20149-Venice-5135-esq-© 9-Venice-5329-esq-©9-Venice

Paris 2014 12-Venice-6355-esq-©11-Venice-5474-esq-©11-Venice-5910-esq-©